Disability Yoga

Disability YogaDisability Yoga


This class is always FREE

Yoga helps everyone. It doesn't discriminate by age, gender or even physical condition. There are no real physical or mental requirements to practice yoga. Our disability yoga class has shown us that anyone with a sincere desire to practice, regardless of their disability, can bring themselves forward - physically, mentally and spiritually. Not only have the students in this class learned about the incredible power of yoga, but the teachers also have learned over and over again that, with positive thinking, one can perform miracles.

The Yoga for People with Disabilities Class is held every Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 at Yoga & Inner Peace at 3964 Lake Worth Road. It is one hour long. We always need help with this class because many of our students are unable to put themselves into the yoga postures. No teaching skills are necessary, only a sincere desire to help other.