FREE Yoga Teacher Training for Teens

Summer Course Only - Only five of these scholarships are available each summer


Summer Yoga Teacher Training is a very special time at YIP. We bring teens (17 & under*) into our Yoga Teacher Training program at no charge.

This is a great opportunity for teens to experience the wonderful discipline that the yoga life style offers, for them to find quiet and inner peace completely independent of external circumstances and situations.

Teens in the course are expected to participate fully in the course including living the yogic life style (Please read all of the relevant web pages.) If you cannot do this, please do not get involved in this program.

In order to keep teens from impulsively signing up and filling all of the scholarships, we are requiring a fully-refundable $75 commitment deposit to get in this program. This commitment deposit (cash only, no checks or credit cards) will be completely refunded when the teen completes the course this summer. Hopefully, this will limit the applicants to only serious teens.

When coming to the interview, please bring the following:

1. Parental or guardian consent forrm.

2. Teacher training application (including photo as per instructions)

3. Proof of Date of Birth: Photo ID with date of birth or photo ID and birth certificate

4. $75 cash commitment deposit (no checks or credit cards).

We realize that this is not always possible, but we prefer that the deposit is money that the teen has earned him or herself. Using the teen's own money makes the commitment stronger. If the teen does not have the money, we strongly suggest that the parent or guardian loan the teen the money with a promise to pay the parent or or guardian back within a relalitvely short period of time.

Don't qualify for this program? Check out our work/study program.

* Students ages 18 through 21 may take the summer Yoga Teacher Training program at half-price. For students in this age bracket (18-21), tuition must be paid in full to guarantee a place in the course. This discounted tuition is non-refundable.